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1 st Short Paper Introduction to Philosophy September 10, 2007 The text Euthyphro shows excellent ways on how philosophy is done. Before reading these texts, I personally did not know much about philosophy and I thought it was just someone’s view on why things are the way they are. I am more interested in philosophy now because I realize there is a difference between having beliefs and exploring more in depth why you may have those beliefs. To be a good philosopher, one needs to master the skills of analyzing statements and arguments, picking and using words wisely, using alternatives in familiar situations, and thinking outside of the box. In Euthyphro Socrates questions piety, and like all good philosophers, they think of alternatives to familiar views that are normally believed. Even though he has the chance of being sentenced for death for doing the things he is about to do in this passage, he does it anyway because he believes that is what his destiny is. I think that the real reason that Socrates decides to argue piety is because he does not believe that Euthyphro is being pious by charging his father. Instead of Socrates just telling Euthyphro what he thinks about his decision to charge his father,
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1st essay - 1st Short Paper Introduction to Philosophy...

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