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Final Paper Assignment - Interpretation of Literature Final...

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Interpretation of Literature Final Paper Assignment 12/14/07 Accomplished Women In The 18 th Century In the novel Pride and Prejudice , art is very important in determining how accomplished a woman is. Art is the line that is drawn between the educated and undereducated, the wealthy and the poor. In this novel the characters often use their opinion of how accomplished a woman is to decide if she is worthy of marrying a man, yet each has a different definition of what qualities an accomplished woman should have. It seems that there is an underlying meaning to performing these arts instead of just entertainment. The main character of this novel, Elizabeth Bennet, sticks out because she isn’t just trying to pick up a husband like everyone else. However, it is not the women that are just marrying for the money; even the men are aware how this works and it is the same for them. In the 18 th century, women had to be accomplished in order to impress a future husband that was rich. According to Miss Bingley, An accomplished woman has the knowledge of different types of arts, such as music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the knowledge of modern languages. Her definition of an accomplished woman seems to be the generally accepted idea in the entire novel. She also has to act like a lady in that she must have something special in the way she walks, her tone of voice, and how she expresses herself (27). Only women that came from a wealthy background had the opportunity to that knowledge and education because they were the only ones that could afford it.
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From reading this book, it appears that there is no respectable job that a woman can get, besides being a governess, so they rely on marrying a rich man. If a woman is not married, she becomes a burden on her family because there is no other way that she will be able to leave them or support heirsey, which is why Charlotte Lucas marries Mr. Collins. Her brothers are grateful she isn’t going to die an “old maid” living at home (83). Charlotte Lucas’s perception of marriage is how most people of her time viewed it.
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Final Paper Assignment - Interpretation of Literature Final...

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