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First Essay Assignment - Interpretation of Literature First...

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Interpretation of Literature First Essay Assignment October 26, 2007 The book Slaughterhouse-Five makes one question the sanity of Billy Pilgrim. Even though it is easy to conclude that Billy Pilgrim is crazy because he claims he was kidnapped and taken to Tralfamadore by aliens, he is right when he predicts his own death. This makes me think that he is indeed time traveling and he isn’t crazy after all. I also think that this book is a highly questionable science fiction novel so strange things that normally don’t happen to characters in other books are allowed to happen in a book like this. However, it takes until the end of the book when he actually dies to completely convince me that he was sane. In the beginning of the book it was hard for me to read the novel and take it seriously that these things were actually going on. When I first learned that Billy Pilgrim time-traveled I immediately thought right away that he had to be crazy because things like that don’t happen. I also thought he might be crazy because in times where most people would be panicking and frantic, he acts calm and his response to the idea of death is “so it goes.” Also, I thought he might have become crazy when Roland Weary started to kick him and he just laughed. Like I said previously, it is acceptable for sane beings to have odd things happen to them, so I kept an open mind. I knew the novel had to be somewhat true because the bombing of Dresden actually happened, and there is no doubt that the war had an effect on him physically (being extremely thin and worn out during the war) and mentally (calm about death and situations where people would normally be panicking).
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His questionable sanity is very crucial to the understanding of this book because it is hard to know if you want to take what he says seriously. It is hard to understand the book if while you’re reading it you have the constant thought in the back of your mind “is he just going crazy and seeing things or is he being serious?” Even though it’s hard to admit he is being serious when he talks about Tralfamadore, it is easier to understand the book if you aren’t constantly
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First Essay Assignment - Interpretation of Literature First...

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