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370 STUDY GUIDE 1 - dialectical theory ecosystem...

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HDFS 370: Section 2 EXAM #1 STUDY GUIDE DATE OF TEST: 2/14/2008 * Practice exam will be given in class on: 2/12/08 CHAPTERS THAT WILL BE COVERED: Chapter 1: Intro to Family and History of the Family Chapter 2: Family Communication and Genograms Chapter 3: Family Theories Chapter 4: Communication Patterns and Family Meanings SECTIONS OF THE EXAM: 55 Multiple Choice (A-D) 20 True/False 12 Term Matching 13 Drawing Matching TERMS: blended family boomerang kids cohabitation constitutive approach family family of origin family realm extended/intergenerational intentional family open adoption primary parent single parent family solo mother voluntaristic family calibration feedback dialectical neutralization reframing selection dialectical tensions
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Unformatted text preview: dialectical theory ecosystem equifinality triangles fidelity hierarchy interdependence narrative theory patterns rules narrative performance roles social constructivism symbolic interaction boundaries systems FST GST wholeness FP circumplex model communication adaptability cohesion dysfunctional family themes genogram metacommunication transactional secrets communication networks socialization committed partners renested family bidirectional monogamy androgynous egalitarian serial monogamy subsystem homeostatis balance diffuse explicit implicit contextual developmental interactions WARNING: THIS EXAM HAS A LOT OF TERMS!!! NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST!!!...
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