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370 Study Guide 2

370 Study Guide 2 - gender-organized couple types barriers...

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HDFS 370: Section 2 EXAM #2 STUDY GUIDE DATE OF TEST: 3/27/2008 * Review Day: 3/25/08 WHAT WILL BE COVERED: Chapter 5 and class notes: Closeness and Intimacy Chapter 6 and class notes: Family Roles Chapter 7 and class notes: Power Chapter 8 and class notes: Family Conflict Blended Family Class Notes Single-Parent Class Notes Transactional Analysis, Parent Effectiveness Training, Between Parent and Child SECTIONS OF THE EXAM: 55 Multiple Choice (A-D) 20 True/False 15 Term Matching 2 Short Answer Questions (worth 5 points each) TERMS: common couple violence conflict conflict styles nonantagonistic antagonistic cross-complaining covert destructive strategies gunnysacking solutions types of violent couples unresolved conflict implementation power decision-making processes power types orchestration power Gottman’s couple types 5 to 1 ratio intimacy communication patterns commitment intergenerational rituals
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Unformatted text preview: gender-organized couple types barriers to intimacy martial intimacy self-disclosure gender socialization models of family functioning sibling relational maintenance dual career couple dual earner couple types of family rituals competing accommodating avoiding collaborating compromising couple authority types power bases types of influence phases in decision-making 6 aspects of divorce models of family violence 6 aspects of remarriage stages of divorce stages of a step-family adjusting strategies (step-family) ABC-X Model specific issues of step-family relational maintenance crises stages to single-parenthood marital maintenance sibling types maintenance strategies * Don’t forget the role term list on WebCT (also given in class) WARNING: THIS EXAM HAS MORE QUESTIONS FROM THE TEXT THAN EXAM #1!!! BE SURE TO READ THE CHAPTERS!!!...
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