hw01sol - ECE 315 Homework 1 Solution Fall 2007 1. (Simple...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 315 Homework 1 Solution Fall 2007 1. (Simple definition of signals) Briefly (in 1 to 3 sentences) explain the following: (a) What is the basic difference in transient values between digital and analog representation when v(t) or i(t) is used in microelectronics? (4 pts) Analog signals are represented by the floating point value of v(t) or i(t) , while digital signals by the digitized (with a threshold voltage or the binary voltage values given) value. (b) What is the difference in the ambient noise effect between digital and analog signals? (4 pts) The noise in analog signals will accumulate, while the polluted digital signal can be regenerated. (c) Is the digital signal a broadband or narrow band signal in terms of frequency spectrum? (4 pts) Most often digital signals are close to square waves and have a broadband spectrum. (d) If we sample a signal at an interval of T sample , what is the highest frequency feature that we can capture? (4 pts) The signal sampled at the discrete time of T sample contains only frequency up to 1/T sample (more accurately it is 1/2T sample , but we are dealing with order of magnitude here, so both are okay). (e) For the realistic voltage transfer curve of Fig. 1.13 (or slide 12 in note 1), describe how voltage gain affects the input signal range without output saturation. (4 pts) When the voltage gain is large, the input range has to be small to stay out of the output saturation. 2. (Large signals and small signals) For the output and transfer characteristics below, (a) For the output characteristics at the quiescent point Q 1 , what is the large-signal resistance?...
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hw01sol - ECE 315 Homework 1 Solution Fall 2007 1. (Simple...

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