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Lecture Notes - ITP-499 Syllabus and a few notes about the...

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ITP-499 1/11/2007 Syllabus and a few notes about the class… This is the first time Vawter’s taught the class, so there will probably be lots of changes Decisions will be made on a weekly basis about what we’re covering, whether or not we need to spend more time on the material, etc. Midterm dates WILL NOT CHANGE, even if we don’t get through all the material CLASS TIMES: o Next Tuesday : Meet in KAP 107, we’re going to play the Beer Game… Some will play distributors, manufacturers, customers, etc. o Next Thursday : Meet in KAP 267 for lecture o Normally : ALL classes will be in KAP 267 (bring laptop for Thurs. lab) This class is NOT DEN anymore, so lectures WILL NOT be online and there will be NO screen captures anymore, so come to class and take notes! We will be using blackboard.usc.edu BOOK: o Second edition is fine, as is the third edition (doesn’t matter, he uses second ed.) o If you have the third edition, some of the chapters change but the TITLES are what’s important – notify him if the chapter numbers start changing o This is THE book that most universities use for supply chain management o Mostly easy to read, but Chapter 7 gets a little mathematically challenging…don’t worry to much about it, he knows we’re not math majors - However, we need to make sure we have it down He’ll spend 2 weeks on it because even he didn’t really get all of it…Excel spreadsheet will be the most helpful) o We are skipping Part II in the book DUE DATES for Projects: Other than Project #3 (which is correct), he needs to adjust the other dates, so they might not be correct as is – he’ll let us know later what they should be. Normally, they’ll be due right before class on Tuesdays. All projects are weighted the same, regardless of whether or not they are “worth” more points – he simply averages them. Slides Who is involved in a Supply Chain? Supply Chain Partners o Retailers (e.g. Ralphs, Walmart, etc.) Wholesalers (e.g. Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) Distributors/Distribution Centers (e.g. Walmart, etc.) o Suppliers (e.g. Delphi – components, Alcoa – raw materials) o Manufacturers (e.g. GM, Delphi – can be the same as the Supplier!) o Customers (e.g. you, GM, etc.) Drives the supply chain; the supply chain begins with customer demand It is our job to anticipate customer demand o Storage Warehouse o Transporters (Shipping) (e.g. FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Evergreen, etc.) They affect the profitability of your supply chain
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Shipping can be chosen based on what is most important to you: time or cost Any one company can have some or even all of these partners involved Supply Chain for a Manufacturing Company Supplier e.g Goodyear tires Customer e.g. Bethlehem Steel Sheets and Delphi alternator Semi Finished Raw Materials Fabrication Finished Assembly Product Product (components) Objective of every supply chain is to maximize overall profit (value generated)
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Lecture Notes - ITP-499 Syllabus and a few notes about the...

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