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Radford Article questions

Radford Article questions - "The Economic Organization of a...

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“The Economic Organization of a P.O.W. Camp,” R. A. Radford Learning Objectives By reading and discussing the Radford article, students should be able to: 1. Explain why prices were more uniform and markets more perfect in the permanent than in the transient camps. 2. Make the case that cigarettes functioned as money in the POW camps. 3. Explain what Radford means when he says that cigarettes had a disadvantage as money because they were intrinsically useful. 4. Explain what Radford meant by the “price structure” and explain why the price structure changed when Red Cross parcels were in short supply. 5. Provide an explanation of the failure of the shop and restaurant. 6. Evaluate Radford’s claim that many of the same economic forces that are at work in the normal world were at work in the POW camps. 7. Decide for themselves whether there is such a thing as a “just price” for a commodity. Question Clusters 1. What, according to Radford, accounts for the development of an exchange system in a POW camp?
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