Study Guide Exam 1 - HIS 315K - History of the United...

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HIS 315K - History of the United States, 1492-1865 Fall 2007 STUDY GUIDE FOR FIRST EXAM: Wednesday, September 26 NOTE: It is your responsibility to come to the exam with a blue book and with several blue or black ink pens. Blue books can be purchased from the information desk at the Student Union or from the UT Co-op. Part I: Identifications (20 points total) At the exam you will be shown a list of eight identification terms drawn from the lectures, textbook, and discussion readings. You will have to choose four of these and briefly identify and describe the importance of each of them. Each I.D. answer is worth five points. In your answer you should be sure to answer the "who," "what," "where," and "when" questions as well as to consider "why" the particular term is significant to the larger course of history. For example, for the identification term "Tobacco," you might write: Tobacco was the staple crop adopted by the Virginia colonists after their efforts to profit through trade with the Indians had failed. The enormous profits that could be made growing tobacco transformed the colony and greatly increased immigration. Tobacco cultivation created a continual demand for labor which the Virginia planters satisfied through indentured
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Study Guide Exam 1 - HIS 315K - History of the United...

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