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Executive Summary Assignment_F07

Executive Summary Assignment_F07 - Instructions for...

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Instructions for Executive Summary Assignment You are to write an overview of an article for your boss, a very busy manager who does not have time to read original articles in their entirety. She has come to you for information about cross-cultural communication because she hopes to increase social interaction between the Business and Research & Development Divisions in your organization. You are to find a recent (published in 2003 or later) article from the academic or business press that discusses any aspect of cross-cultural communication in business. The cultures described in the article need not be business and engineering. Instead, they can involve national, regional or organizational cultures. To search for your article, you need to use UT’s electronic databases (such as Business Source Complete, Lexis Nexis etc). The article must be the equivalent of a minimum of 4 pages of 12 point font (Double spaced).
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