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HIS 315K - History of the United States, 1492-1865 Fall 2007 STUDY GUIDE FOR SECOND EXAM Part I: Identifications (20 points) There will be eight identification terms listed on the exam. You will have to choose four of these and write brief descriptions of them. For each identification term you should answer the "who, what, where," and "when" questions when appropriate. Most importantly, you must explain how the term is important in terms of the larger themes of the course. Part II: Essay (80 points) The following questions are drawn from the textbook, discussion readings, and lectures. Three of these questions will be chosen at random on the morning of the exam and you will have to answer one of those two questions. Your essays should be written in essay form, with complete sentences, an introduction, and a conclusion. Give specific examples to support your arguments whenever possible. 1.) Suppose that in 1772 (i.e., before the “Tea-Party”), a metropolitan Briton and an American colonist met and began to discuss the “imperial troubles” that are dividing the British empire. Let each side describe their own view of the empire and
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