chapter 3 Struggle for Democracy

chapter 3 Struggle for Democracy - Chapter 3 - Federalism...

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Chapter 3 - Federalism Federalism Federalism is our system…. However, what are the three major forms of government organization? 1st - Federalism How the Federal System Works Federal government and states derive authority from people 2nd type, Unitary Government How Unitary Government Works Unitary Government 3rd type, Confederation government How Confederation Government Works So, we have federalism…. How many governments do we have in America? Do we have about: 2? 51? 230? 5840? 42800? 87500? 110200? Answer: 87,504 governments according to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000 Good Things about Federalism Diverse Policies for a diverse population
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minimizes policy conflict Closer to people… Healthy dispersion of power creates more opportunities for participation… Policy innovation at state level… States can try out new ideas as "laboratories" State and local levels good training ground for women and minorities Cons about Federalism No national standards can create inequities Dispersion of power can allow groups to protect interests which may be undemocratic and contrary to national trends Low visibility and information flow about local governments…
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chapter 3 Struggle for Democracy - Chapter 3 - Federalism...

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