chapter 7 Struggle for Democracy

chapter 7 Struggle for Democracy - Interest Groups What is...

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Interest Groups *What is an interest group? * also called special interests, lobby groups, public interest groups, pressure groups *Lobby Theories of Interest Groups *Disturbance Theory *Pluralism *Elitism Federalist 10 again his ideas of factions *“The latent causes of faction are thus sewn in the nature of man” *Interest groups are an expression of faction and we have different ways of looking at their power and their interaction with government What do interest groups do? *Allow for collective action *Provide information Types of Interest Groups *Business *Union *Professional Organizations *Ideological or Single Issue Groups *Public Interest Groups *Civil rights Interest Groups Membership *Group maintenance *Mancur Olson’s Logic of Collective Action *Problem of the Free Rider *How do you minimize this? *Checkbook membership Are we Bowling Alone? *Robert Putnam’s idea *Less social connectivity *Less group activity *More informal connections *Think of it as fewer bowling leagues, but more bowing with buddies *Where does the internet fit here? Or World
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of Warcraft… (no I don’t play, but I don’t live under a rock) *formal membership is down, but checkbook membership is up Does interest in issues always translate into action? *No. *USA has 100 million women over 18 *Polls show ½ have views sympathetic to feminism *NOW has less than 300,000 members *USA has 36 million African Americans *NAACP has 500,000 which includes members from all races *Typically groups have less then 1% joiners of people who indicate in polls that those issues
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chapter 7 Struggle for Democracy - Interest Groups What is...

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