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146 final notes - life ie slavery you had people in the...

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Notes economically you can say the north embraced a hamiltonian, free labor system south took a jeffersonian, yeoman farmer vision so that put them at odds right away north was more progressive, industrial south stuck with agriculture why did they want to stop the spread of slavery because most people had the vision that slavery would have to be stopped eventually and they knew if it kept spreading that it would go on forever why did they think it had to be stopped plus. ..as a more problem of the times. ..it would upset political balance because it's wrong, they feared it would spread to the north, religious reasons, etc basically most of the country was moderate but the people in power were at extremes you had people in the south saying the north was attacking the southern way of
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Unformatted text preview: life, ie slavery you had people in the north saying they would spread slavery, it was a slave power conspiracy both extremes riled up both north and south but the majority of the people were swayed by those extremes yea i read something that said alot of northerners had never seen a slave and many southerners were too poor to afford slaves but the politcal leader pushed it South did not interpret Lincolns intentions right and viewed his actions as the last straw aight and how did the mexican american war spark it kind of the last straw, because though lincoln didnt want to get rid of slavery, he did everything he possibly could to stop expansion it opened up the territory forced the government to answer the previously hidden question of slavery...
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