test3review2007 - Objective Journalism, bias in media...

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1934 Communications Act 501 c 527 Agenda setting Beat Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (banned soft money, led to 527s) Blog Bundling Candidate centered campaigning Catalytic events (social movements) Checkbook membership Civil disobedience Collective public opinion Communications act of 1934 Conservative (social, economic) Corporate ownership of media Disturbance theory Earmarking Efficacy elitist interest groups Equal Time provision Fairness Doctrine of 1949 Federalist 10 First amendment Framing Free rider Freedom of the press Government and news (relationship) Grassroots activity hard money Ideology Impacts on how we think (family, schools, media, race, etc) Infotainment Interest groups Iron triangle Liberal (social, economic) Lobbyists Mass media Media coverage Media ownership New Social Movement Theory News coverage Newspapers in America (influence, periods)
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Unformatted text preview: Objective Journalism, bias in media Partisan nature of reporters/editors Party identification Pentagon papers pluralist interest groups Podcast Political Action Committees (PACs) Political culture Political efficacy Political ideology Political opportunity structure Political participation Polling (problems, strengths) Presidential approval rating Presidential popularity Prior restraint Private interest groups Public Opinion Pundit Radio Act of 1927 Random Sampling Realignment Resource mobilization Rupert Murdoch Sample Sampling Bias Sampling error Selective benefits Sick out strike Sit-down strike Slow down strike Social movements Soft money Surveys Types of interest groups Watchdog William Randolph Hearst Yellow journalism...
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test3review2007 - Objective Journalism, bias in media...

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