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career expo worksheet

career expo worksheet - internships and/or co-ops 2 Company...

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Career Expo Reflection Assignment NAME________ Attend the Career Expo and talk with 2 employers about careers in the company for an engineering major you are interested in. 1. Company Name ____General Mills_________ Engineering Major asked about _____Chemical Engineering___________ Possible Careers in that major with the company_____Food Science, research and development, pretty much anything.________________________________ Three things you learned as a result of talking with this employer: _1) With an engineering degree, I can do pretty much anything. 2) I want to work for a larger company rather than a smaller company, 3) many companies do not hire freshman for
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Unformatted text preview: internships and/or co-ops._____ 2. Company Name ___Cleveland Cliffs_________ Engineering Major asked about ______Chemical Engineering__________ Possible Careers in that major with the company__Project manager, intern___________ Three things you learned as a result of talking with this employer: ___1) This company mainly does mining work. 2) This company is located in Duluth, Minnesota. 3) I don’t really want to work for a mining company because it does not interest me that much.______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _...
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