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Rachel Johnson English 105, Section HN 10 April 2007 Documented Essay Just a year ago, I took the ACT, a type of standardized test given to high school juniors and seniors to measure scholastic aptitude. After taking numerous courses that were to help me prepare me to take the test, I really thought that I would do well. I did not. Overall, I scored below the average of the rest of my school, earning a 26 out of a possible thirty-six. In high school, I was a straight A student, having just shy of a 4.0, was involved in numerous activities and sports, volunteered every week, and even organized a diversity fashion show. I felt like I had everything going for me and that with all of my achievements, I would be able to go to any college of my choosing, within reason. To my surprise, my top choice (University of Wisconsin- Madison) denied me due to the fact that my ACT scores were one point too low of what they usually accept, forcing me to turn to my “back-up” colleges. Every year, millions of high school juniors take either the ACT or SAT, both of which are standardized tests. These types of tests are given to test students’ knowledge and abilities and inform prospective colleges of their future student’s test-taking abilities. Looking back on my experiences, I can clearly see that standardized testing in high schools is unnecessary and unfair because standardized tests are a poor indicator of a student’s true abilities and are detrimental to students’ self-image. There is more to every student than how well he/she is able to fill in a bubble sheet for a standardized test. Most students these days have résumés filled with a whole slew of activities and achievements, many times paired with a high GPA. Even with so many successes, many
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students are having trouble being accepted to the colleges of his/her choice. For one reason or another (sickness, poor test taking skills, boredom, etc.), people are not doing as well as they would have hoped on standardized tests. This downfall often leads to disappointment when
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documented essay - Rachel Johnson English 105, Section HN...

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