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Engineering Competencies Reflection Assignment From the handout on the 14 ISU engineering competencies, reflect on which 5 you think you have the most skill in already, which 5 you think you need to build your skills in and complete the assignment by listing what activities you intend to do to build your skills in your weaker areas. NAME________________ What are your TOP 5 competencies? __________Continuous Learning_____ _____Initiative___________________ _____Planning____________________ _____Communication_____________ ________Teamwork_______________ What are your BOTTOM 5 competencies? __________Innovation_____________ ______Professional Impact__________
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Unformatted text preview: __Engineering/Technical Knowledge__ _______Quality Orientation__________ _______Customer Focus____________ For each of your BOTTOM 5 competencies, list 2 specific activities that you can do or get involved in to improve your skills in that area. _____Team PrISUm_______________ ___Concrete Canoe Team___________ ______Society of Women Engineers__ Residence Hall Leadership Organization ____ISU Habitat for Humanity______ ___ISU Student Volunteer Services____ ____Dance Marathon______________ ___Women in Science & Engineering__ _____Blood Drive_________________ ____E-Week Ambassador___________...
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