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info processing wkst - LASSI Information Processing Module...

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LASSI Information Processing Module Name __________ Please provide a detailed response (4-5 sentences of well thought out detail) to each of the following questions: 1. Review the Active Rehearsal Strategies described for learning information (Mnemonics through Link Method). Choose the method that seems to work best for you. Describe the pros and cons of using that method. The method that works best for me is the first letter method. The pros of using this method are that you can often remember the information for a long time because it just never leaves your head. The cons of this method are that you cannot have too many of them because you may start to get confused and not remember some of them. Also, if you start having trouble remembering one of the words that the letters stand for it would be problematic. 2. Review the Elaboration Study Strategies, Part I and II. Pick one to try out in your most difficult class. Describe what you did and in which class. How did it fit for you and what were the results? I picked elaboration study strategy part one to use in my chemistry class last week. One of the main points I focused on in part one was the associating new material with prior knowledge. In chemistry class, we were learning about moles and grams and switching between the two. In high school we learned the same thing, but when my teacher there taught it, she drew
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info processing wkst - LASSI Information Processing Module...

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