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30 April, 2007 To: Rachel Johnson From: Subject: Lecture Series Analysis On April 5, 2007, I attended a lecture called “Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives.” The speaker was Frank Warren, a Maryland resident who has been dubbed “everyone’s most trusted stranger.” In 2004, Warren started a national art project when he handed one thousand blank postcards to strangers and asked them to write their deepest secret and send it back to him. To his surprise, Frank got all one thousand postcards back, plus more. Since then, people from around the world have designed colorful and creative postcards, revealing their deepest secrets, and sent them to Warren. The main topic of Warren’s speech was that people are willing to share their secrets, as long as they are able to do so anonymously. He revealed extreme lengths people have gone through in order to keep their secrets anonymous. Some simply typed the words so no one could recognize their handwriting, others put five dollars worth of postage on the card to ensure that Warren
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