Rhetorical Analysis of a Written Text

Rhetorical Analysis of a Written Text - Rachel Johnson...

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Rachel Johnson English 105, Section HN 8 March 2007 Stripped of Dignity Imagine being strip searched in an airport. Now imaging that the reason you had to experience such a humiliating act was because of the color of your skin. In “Stripped of More than My Clothes,” Daria MonDesire shares her experience in being strip searched at the San Juan Airport. The author uses many rhetorical strategies to effectively convince readers that racism still exists today. Summary Author Daria MonDesire, a frequent traveler, was on her way back from an enjoyable trip to Puerto Rico. Customs officials pulled her aside and strip searched her, claiming that she had the looks of a potential drug smuggler. After losing her dignity and patience, the author looks into other similar cases and presents eye-opening statistics, proving that more often then not, “minorities bear the brunt of examinations.” (526) Overall, MonDesire shows readers the issues with the procedures the government uses to help eliminate contraband problems. Rhetorical Situation “Stripped of More than My Clothes” was originally printed in the USA Today in April of 1999. The USA Today is a widely read newspaper in America, often given to passengers on airline flights. MonDesire was smart to put this article in such a newspaper as it serves as a warning for some passengers. The author’s audience is all the readers of the newspaper, but mainly people of color, government officials, women, and people who travel by air. All of these people belong to groups that could be subjected to racist acts, similar to the one experienced by
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MonDesire. The author is not only informing readers of her story, but also of the situation that many minorities face today: racism still exists. Although many people felt that racism ended in
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Rhetorical Analysis of a Written Text - Rachel Johnson...

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