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rhetorical analysis of speech

rhetorical analysis of speech - Rachel Johnson English...

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Rachel Johnson English 105-Section HN 13 February 2007 Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech Purpose o The purpose of this text is to inform readers of the situation that was occurring as well as show people how African-Americans were feeling at the time. It also served as a motivation tool to encourage people to take action. Context o The context is the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave this speech at the height of this movement. o The speech was given in Washington D.C. on the Lincoln Memorial (811). This served two purposes: first, Washington D.C. is where laws are made, so King may have been trying to stir some commotion and get laws passed in his favor. Second, the speech was given on the Lincoln Memorial. This is significant because (as King refers to in his speech) Lincoln was the one who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves. Audience o The audience for this speech was basically anyone who would listen. King was trying to get his point across and show people how wrong discrimination is.
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