Advocacy Notes - Because cheerleaders spend as much time...

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Advocacy Thesis Your thesis should state a clear claim and give the main reasons for your claim. You could try to convince your audience to think a certain way about a controversial issue (advocate a change of mind). Or you could advocate a particular action or a particular solution to a problem (a call to action). The body of your essay should back up your reasons with various forms of evidence (statistics, expert opinions, narratives of people’s personal experience etc.) that prove your reason I. State a claim and tell us your main reasons for the claim A. Strongest Reason i. evidence ii. evidence iii. evidence B. Next strongest reason C. Next strongest reason D. Address counterarguments F. Conclusion Claim, Reason, Evidence A claim is a statement that states a clear position on something controversial
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“Cheerleading is a sport.” (Note the clarity of the position. Note the inherent controversy, about whether cheerleading is or is not a sport.) A reason is anything that provides a “because”
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Unformatted text preview: Because cheerleaders spend as much time working in the gym as basketball players do. • Evidence is anything that helps prove the reasons: We know cheerleaders put in as much gym time as basketball players because Stephanie, who’s a cheerleader, attended three-hour practices while the basketball team was done with their practices in 90 minutes. Pitfalls to Avoid 1. Arguments break down when someone tries to go right from a claim to evidence: Cheerleading is a sport because Stephanie practiced for three hours and the basketball guys only practiced for ninety minutes. 2. Arguments can also be weak because they’re just claims and reasons without evidence: Cheerleading is a sport because cheerleaders practice longer than basketball players. 3. Arguments will be unclear if the claim is unclear: “Cheerleading!” 4. Or they derail because the claim doesn’t address anything controversial: “Child abuse is horrible.” (Anybody disagree?)...
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Advocacy Notes - Because cheerleaders spend as much time...

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