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First essay - First Essay Analysis of a Song For your first essay I'm asking you to analyze a song using the methods we've discussed in class This

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First Essay: Analysis of a Song For your first essay, I’m asking you to analyze a song using the methods we’ve discussed in class. This essay should demonstrate your familiarity with the rhetorical triangle as well as your ability to perform a nuanced and specific analysis on a piece of media. Grading Criteria I’ll be primarily looking for signs that you understand the rhetorical triangle and can implement it during an analysis. It would not be appropriate, however, to simply list the parts of the triangle and explain how each connects to your song. Rather, as we’ve practiced in class, you should identify a few of the connections within the triangle and focus specifically on those. A successful paper might look not only at the relationship between the audience and the musician, for instance, but also how that relationship affects the audience’s understanding of the song and song’s ultimate success (or failure). Similar to this, I’ll be looking for your ability to choose a specific theme or controversy
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