Ch. 13-14 - STUDY GUIDE Chapter 13-Entertainment What types...

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STUDY GUIDE: Chapter 13--Entertainment What types of entertainment existed before mass media were invented? Griots and Troubador When did technology-driven entertainment begin? How? 1440s with Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press. What is a "genre" of entertainment? Sub-division of the major categories of storytelling and music. What three broad areas of entertainment were identified in the text? Storytelling, music, sports What genres (or types) of music generate the greatest CD sales? What are the advantages of authentic performance? You get feedback from the audience right away. What kinds of media-assisted authentic performance and how is feedback different? Music, Sports, and Movies How do mediated messages differ from either pure "authentic" or "media-assisted authentic" performance? Think about message, feedback, and audiences. Storytelling as Media Entertainment (p. 309) What genres of literature are "standard" and what are new? Mysteries, Romances, Sports, Biographies, and Hobbies; Gangsta Lit, In lecture, we discussed other ways of telling stories through media messages. How? Through advertisements and such. Music as Media Entertainment (p. 311) What are the two kinds of "folk" music identified by the text? How do some of these also fulfill the storytelling function of media? Black, and Hillbilly; because they tell stories within the songs. When and how did rock 'n' roll begin? 1950s with “rock around the clock” When was the I-Pod created, and what percentage of people in our class own one? 2001 and 90% Why are advertisers so eager to incorporate music in their ads, and what ads did we discuss that have music as part of a unique selling proposition? (think jingle) Car-X, jingles get stuck in your head, they’re memorable. Very effective. Sports as Media Entertainment (p. 313) How do advertisers and audience members "join" in using media? Video Games Sex as Media Entertainment (p. 316) What's the difference between obscenity and pornography (also called "erotica")? Obscenity-not allowed; pornographic-protected by the first amendment What does the Miller Standard require for something to be found obscene?
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Ch. 13-14 - STUDY GUIDE Chapter 13-Entertainment What types...

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