Chapter 19 and 20

Chapter 19 and 20 - Chapter 19-Mass Media and Governance...

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Chapter 19--Mass Media and Governance What are the four "estates"? the U.S. media What is the "equal time rule" and how does it affect election advertising? Each candidate is granted equal time on the air and equal rates for ads What regulations govern the internet? Virtually none Media as Information Sources (p. 441) This re-examines Lazarsfeld's two-step flow process and how people view "opinion leaders" in looking at political questions. Media Effects on Governance (p. 442) Agenda-setting: what three news events are cited in the text? Why? Civil Rights, Clinton scandal, Watergate CNN effect: broadcast and cable news outlets have an ability to create public interest in an event because of their ability to broadcast video. This public response is called the "CNN effect". The tsunami in Indonesia is more easily remembered than the earthquake that occurred later last year in Pakistan and which killed more people. No video teams could get into the isolated earthquake area. Framing: this concept sounds difficult at first, but is, simply this: media cannot help but "frame" issues for the public, or make choices about what to include or not include in a news story. Is the war in Iraq a civil war, or is it "sectarian" or religious violence? Is wearing fur elegant and luxurious or selfish and abusive of animals? How important was the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.? It was tragic, yes, but why did it merit hours of coverage? How media frame the issues tells us. Priming: this concept discusses how media can "move" public discussion by starting to cover a subject. Media can "prime" (or start) discussion. Government Manipulation of Media (p. 446)
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Chapter 19 and 20 - Chapter 19-Mass Media and Governance...

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