Finals Ch. 1-7

Finals Ch. 1-7 - JLMC 101 - REVIEW OUTLINE FOR CHAPTERS 1-7...

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JLMC 101 -- REVIEW OUTLINE FOR CHAPTERS 1-7 This is based on the earlier review outline, but slightly shortened. Chapter 1 --Mass Media Literacy What's the difference between illiteracy and aliteracy? Literacy is the ability to read, aliteracy is the ability to, but choosing not too. About how many hours a week does the average person spend using traditional media? What is "fractionalization" and how is it affecting the "binding" purpose of the media? Fractionalization-isolation of people by media (catering to one specific person) and its deterring the binding purpose. Why was Johannes Gutenberg selected as the "personal of the millennium"? What did he invent, when did he invent it? In the 1440s Johannes Gutenberg invented movable metal type. Made books available to the masses. What does the text mean by "conglomeration" and why does it concern some media scholars? The process of mergers and buyouts of media companies into fewer and fewer companies. People running the media are not qualified to do so. Chapter 2 – Books In the US, both book publishing and newspaper publishing benefited from three things—a social movement, a technological development, and a migration of people. What were they, and how did each have a positive effect on society? Social-public school movement; Technological-paper from wood; Migration of People-Irish came over because potato famine How did the printing of books affect social progress? Libraries were started, more and more became literate, we became a learned culture. What books taught generations of children to read? William Holmes McGuffey’s reading textbook series. Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin so important and who wrote it? It was the first blockbuster in U.S. book publishing, also put abolitionists cause to center stage; written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Is the book industry consolidating or fragmenting? Why? Consolidating; bigger houses buying publishers so they can still use the imprint and reap the profits What is a vanity press and how does it work? Publishers that charge authors to publish their manuscripts; What term is used for the books you'll find at book stores such as Borders? Trade Books
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Finals Ch. 1-7 - JLMC 101 - REVIEW OUTLINE FOR CHAPTERS 1-7...

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