Ch. 7-9 - JlMC 101 2nd Review Review for Chapters 7-11 and...

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2nd Review Review for Chapters 7-11 and 22 Chapter 7 -- Radio What did Marconi invent and why wasn't it "radio?" wireless telegraph Who is the person connected with radio and the Titanic, and what did he do? David Sarnoff. He picked up the radio signals What changes did the Titanic sinking make in radio regulations? Someone had to operate the wireless telegraph 24 hours a day When did commercial radio begin? Where? 1920, Pittsburgh Who owns the airwaves? Government Who governs the airwaves in the U.S.? FCC What is "public interest, necessity and convenience?" The standard the government uses to hand out licenses to radio stations What is a radio network, and what is an affiliate? , locally licensed station that has an affiliation to carry network programming How is the infrastructure of the radio industry in transition? How are these changes demonstrated: Advertising to subscription based revenue streams Localism to national radio networks Local ownership to chain ownership Why is 1996 an important date in radio regulation? The government relaxed radio regulations on broadcasting. What are the biggest radio chains in the U.S, and how many stations (generally) are owned by Clear Channel? Clear Channel, Cumulus, Citadel; 1231 What percentage of the class owns an iPod? 90 Has satellite radio been as profitable as the stock market predicted? No Why did Howard Stern move to Sirius? Why didn't he move to Neptune? (OK, that one's a joke, and I was tempted to use the name of the planet next closest to the sun.) He would be able to say anything he wanted and not face a fine as he did on public radio How did radio formats develop? What videos did we watch in class that showed why format change was necessary? Radio formats developed with the introduction of Rock-N-Roll. We watched Chuck Berry. Are people listening to radio more or less these days? What's the impact on advertising? No, because advertising rates are down. Who advertises most on radio, big national advertisers or local advertisers? Local advertisers Chapter 8 -- Television Why is this chapter introduced by a story about Steven Jobs? What is his impact on the television industry? He revolutionized the TV industry Majority of shows are
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Ch. 7-9 - JlMC 101 2nd Review Review for Chapters 7-11 and...

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