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Midterm 1 Study Guide

Midterm 1 Study Guide - COMS 103 Mid Term Study Guide Topic...

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COMS 103 Mid Term - Study Guide Topic Streaming Lecture Reference Storage Devices-drives and readers, these devices accept a certain type of storage media Chapter 1 (Unit 1) The Components of the Computer (Hardware)- the electronic, electric and mechanical components in a computer. These components usually include input devices (keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, digital camera, PC video camera) output devices (printer monitor speakers), system unit (the box-like case that contains the electronic components of the computer is known as the system unit. It processes the data and is connected to the motherboard), Chapter 1 (Unit 1) Client/Server Network-One or more computers act as the server. Other computers on the network are called clients. Clients rely on the server and servers usually have more resources and storage than the clients Chapter 1 (Unit 1) Mobile Computers (Tablet PC)-a letter sized computer (special type of notebook). It allows users to take notes with a stylus or a special pen. These notes can be indexed and searched for or shared via email and phones. Chapter 1 (Unit 2) Smart Phones-web enabled phone (check e- mail, access internet) Chapter 1 (Unit 2) Supercomputers-fastest type of computer. Very expensive and powerful, employed for special applications that require immense mathematical calculations Chapter 1 (Unit 2) Application Software-consists of programs that perform specific tasks (i.e. web browsers, word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, presentation graphics software) Chapter 1 (Unit 2) Information System-hardware, software, data, people, and procedures. Chapter 1 (Unit 3) E-commerce-capable of taking orders online and advertising their products Chapter 1 (Unit 3) Online Banking-allows users to pay bill, access account balances, and copy monthly Chapter 1 (Unit 4)
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transaction from bank computers to their own computers.
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