Word Test 1 Study Guide

Word Test 1 Study Guide - Insert a Word table into a...

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Word Test Study Guide Skill Word Project Number Add bullets Project 1 Center a paragraph Project 1 Change font Project 1 Change font size Project 1 Close a document and exit Word Project 1 Display formatting marks Project 1 Find and replace text Project 1 Italicize text Project 1 Move text Project 1 Open a new document window Project 1 Print documents Project 1 Resize a graphic Project 1 Save a document Project 1 Select text Project 1 Start Word Project 1 Under line a word Project 1 Add footnote to a document Project 2 Project 2 Count words Project 2 Create a hyperlink Project 2 Email a copy of a document Project 2 First-line indent paragraph Project 2 Insert a symbol automatically Project 2
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Unformatted text preview: Insert a Word table into a document Project 2 Insert manual page break Project 2 Insert page numbers Project 2 Modify page margins Project 2 Move to a specific location in a document Project 2 Open a document Project 2 Undo and redo commands or actions Project 2 Use a header to number pages of document Project 2 Use research task pane to locate info Project 2 Use the Paste Options button Project 2 Address and print an envelope Project 3 Apply the superscript for effect Project 3 Indent paragraph Project 3 Insert a date Project 3 Modify File properties Project 3 Remove formatting from text Project 3 Set & use tab stops Project 3...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course COM S 103 taught by Professor Chang during the Spring '08 term at Iowa State.

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Word Test 1 Study Guide - Insert a Word table into a...

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