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Unformatted text preview: CE-10 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring 2008 Assignment No. 4 Due: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 9:30am Flow into/out of Lake Tufts Lake Tufts (a fictional lake) is a wet/dry lake; i.e., it is empty during the dry season but fills ups during the rainy season. The lake has three points of water entry and two points of water exit. Water does not exit the lake until the lake is full. The lake has a total volume of water of 3000m3. Answer the following: a. If the lake receives all of its water from the entry points, how long will it take for the lake to fill up? b. Once full, water continues to enter the lake, but now water exits the lake from the two exit points. What is the velocity of the flow of water from the exit points if the water level is to remain constant? c. If the rate of evaporation from the lake is 0.02m/day, what is the resulting flow from the exit points if the lake remains full? Assume the surface area of the lake is 300m2. A B D Lake Tufts E C Table A. Information about Points of Entry/Exit for Lake Tufts Point Area (m2) Velocity (m/s) A 10 0.05 B 8 0.1 C 4 0.01 D 5 ? E 5 ? ...
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