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Unformatted text preview: CE-10 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring 2008 Assignment No. 8 Due: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 9:30am Subsurface explorations reveal the following soil profile: 0 - 10 feet: Gravelly fill; Dry unit weight = 110 pcf; Saturated unit weight = 120 pcf 10 - 15 feet: Silty Clay; void ratio = 1.05, total unit weight = 110 pcf 15 25 feet: Very dense sand, total unit weight = 125 pcf, porosity = 0.3. Below 25 feet: Bedrock (impervious granite) The ground water table is located 5 feet below the ground surface. Soils are dry above the water table and saturated below the water table. Answer the following: 1. Draw the subsurface profile (layering) and label each layer. 2. Calculate and plot the distribution of total stress, effective stress, and pore pressure from the ground surface to the top of the bedrock. Assume a linear distribution of pore pressure through the silty clay layer. Show your calculations for all stresses at the following locations: Top of ground surface, top of water table, top of silty clay layer, top of very dense sand layer, bottom of very dense sand. ...
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