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1 Kim Kluesner Paper #2 Mar. 11, 2008 North vs. South “And yet, yo see, North and South has both met and made kind o’ friends in this big smoky place” (67). This quote said by Nicholas Higgins upon meeting Margaret Hale symbolizes how Margaret accustoms herself to the ways of the North. In the beginning the North in the South are seen as rivals and are constantly being compared, especially among the Hales and the Thorntons, however in the end the North and the South become one both in Margaret and in her relationship with John Thornton. There are many different ways in which the North and the South are represented. One representation that is made apparent in the novel is the differences in environment. Throughout the novel we are given various scenes allowing us to see through Margaret’s eyes on what the North and the South are each like environmentally. The South is seen as a lush and vibrant habitat, where the North often is seen as a dirty, unsightly atmosphere. Margaret immediately detests Milton because of its industrial environment and the city’s deep contrast to her beloved Helston in the South. “She had a repugnance to the idea of a manufacturing town…the air had a faint taste and smell of smoke; perhaps, after all, more a loss of the fragrance of grass and herbage than any positive taste or smell” (55). Even the noises and sounds are different among the two. There are quiet and soft sounds in the South, but in the North there are robust sounds of the mills and the people working in them.
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2 The people of Milton almost frighten Margaret at first. Her first encounter with the mill workers was brash and upsetting. Margaret was on a walk one day when all of a sudden the
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N&SPaper - 1 Kim Kluesner Sound & the Victorians Paper...

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