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Techniques Experiment 2: Instructions for Short Lab Report 4:141 Part 1. Distillation and GC. (a) Completed data sheet (p. 28 from Lab Manual: Experiment #2). (b) Graphs of temperature (Y axis) vs. volume collected for both simple and fractional distillations, drawn on lab notebook pages. For each, you should reference the lab notebook page number (e.g., Smith Lab Notebook, p. 13) where the original data (experimental observations during the lab) are found. (c) Attach a copy of the referenced notebook pages of your lab partner. (d) Attach all of the gas chromatograms (including copies of those obtained by your lab partner) (e) Discussion: No more than one page, handwritten, using your lab notebook. Compare the efficiency of separation by simple and fractional distillation techniques based on percent recovery and purity. Be sure to clearly explain how and why you reached these conclusions. Explain when you might use each technique. Part 2.
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