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Ben Miller Park and Recreation Administration 28:169:150 Final Examination 2 The steps to a successful interview are as follows: (a) exchange information relevant to the position, (b) assess position-related knowledge, skills, and abilities, (c) give potential employee an overview of the duties, responsibilities, and issues related to the applied position, and (d) create a positive and interesting impression of the company on the applicant. To do (a) one must provide all information relating to the position including salary and minimum requirements. Also ask the applicant (ahead of time) to bring in a resume that entails his information that is relevant to the position and ask why he wants the job. To execute (b) the interviewer must review the resume and ask for any clarifications of previous work experience or degrees earned. Also a list of questions pertaining to knowledge, skills, and abilities that the interviewer might ask should be presented to the applicant upon arrival. These questions can pertain to skills that do not necessarily come with a degree such as social skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, and previous work experience. These are asked to make sure the best overall applicant is chosen. Yet, these questions may not overstep the boundaries of what is legal to discuss in an interview. Next to act out (c) the interviewer should describe the job and indulge into some specifics about what is expected of the available position because this meeting is an interview for both parties to make sure that the other is a good fit for them. Finally, to perform
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(d) the interview should be conducted in non-threatening place at a scheduled time that works for both parties. Interviewer should wear professional attire that is acceptable for all workdays and be early for the interview. Being early may allow the interview to start sooner and give more time for questions if need be. Finally, the
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Final - Ben Miller Park and Recreation Administration...

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