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Re-direct Cochrane 1.1

Re-direct Cochrane 1.1 - something like that Ms Cochrane...

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Ms. Cochrane can you recall the questions in cross-examination regarding your drinking on February 19, 2005? Most certainly do. How are you certain that Morgan Phillips was gone only 10 to 15 minutes when he was buying cigarets that evening? At most it takes 5 minutes to get to a cigaret store and 5 minutes to get back, plus the time to buy the cigarets, so that puts him in the 10 to 15 minute range. You don't need for
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Unformatted text preview: something like that. Ms. Cochrane you were asked a few questions regarding the duplexes Morgan is selling you, can recall them? Yes. Ms. Cochrane, does that real estate that Morgan is selling you affect your testimony in any way? No. I can understand helping a friend, but thinking I'll lie over some cheap real estate is just wrong...
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