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Recreation Administration Midterm - Ben Miller Recreation...

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Ben Miller Recreation Administration Midterm #1 The role of leisure service managers is to use his knowledge in specific work tasks pertaining to different recreational services. He is also responsible to motivate his coworkers and subordinates and to work with them to achieve the organization’s goals. Finally, the manager should know how the different components of the agency work together in order to form a cohesive organization that will meet its goals. Public – The manager should provide services without any restrictions and should fin ways to include and inform all groups of people in the community of the services and programs available Non-Profit – The manager should organize fundraisers, and provide free services that raise awareness or inform participants in some way. These may include working for different non-profit organizations that have lower pay scale that may result in a lower quality service with volunteers instead of a paid staff Therapeutic – The manager should promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle for their clients. This is done in a commercial or clinical setting but manger should know target clients well while understanding that little to none 1 on 1 interaction will occur. Armed Services
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Recreation Administration Midterm - Ben Miller Recreation...

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