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Thirteen Going on Thirty Movie review

Thirteen Going on Thirty Movie review - Introduction The...

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Introduction The movie I chose to review was Thirteen Going on Thirty released April 23, 2004. This is a story about a thirteen year old girl, Jenna Rink, who wishes that she could be thirty. In the beginning, school pictures are in progress. When Jenna picks hers up, she is rather disappointed in how they turned out. It’s Jenna’s birthday and she is not at all happy with her self-image. While getting ready for her party she picks up her favorite magazine “Poise” and she reads a quote on the front page that says, “Thirty, flirty, and thriving. The thirty’s are the best years of your life.” She wants to look like the girl on the cover. Her mother responds by saying “Honey, that isn’t a real person it’s just a model.” Jenna’s best friend, Matt, is the first to arrive at her party. He gives her a handmade dollhouse and wishing dust so that all of her wishes come true. As the party begins, the “popular” kids show up (six chicks and the jocks), lock her in a closet, and ditch her after taking food and beverages she had set out. After finding out that everyone left, she blames Matt for ruining her party, and runs back to the closet and wishes to be thirty, flirty, and thriving. The next morning she wakes up in an unfamiliar place she later learns is her own apartment. Now thirty, she is an editor for “Poise” magazine, and works with a childhood friend Lucy (A.K.A. Tom Tom) formerly a six chick. As Jenna figures out where her life has gone and adapts to her new identity, she realizes that she doesn’t like who she has become. Caught up in redesigning the magazine, she reestablishes her relationship with Matt. Meanwhile, Lucy turns her back on Jenna after finding out that Jenna’s new design for the magazine was being submitted instead of hers.
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In the end, Jenna realized that maybe her life as a thirteen year old wasn’t so bad. She then wishes her-self back to thirteen and chooses Matt over the Six Chicks, and Matt ends up marrying her instead of the fiancé he had when Jenna was thirty. Connection
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Thirteen Going on Thirty Movie review - Introduction The...

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