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10 - Psychodynamic perspective

10 - Psychodynamic perspective - Psychodynamic Perspective...

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Psychodynamic Perspective 21/03/2007 19:01:00 Interpersonal Therapy Harry Stack Sullivan Early childhood experiences as origins of problematic interpersonal  relationships FOCUS: current social relationships and interactions GOAL: successful development of current interpersonal interactions ROLE OF THERAPIST o Active inquiry into patient’s interpersonal interactions and relationships Very different from traditional psychoanalytic that is not as  active. o Vertical interpretation of relational patterns See how stuff from childhood affects you today Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) o Very accepted and popular in the real world. o Originally designed for depression One specific disorder o More research based o Short-term therapy o Use of therapeutic relationship to reveal and correct relational patterns  that cause dysfunction o If patient does something nonverbal, the therapist will say something. 
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