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6 - Videos - • Correct the clients misconceptions in...

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Videos 12/02/2007 20:03:00 Hans Strupp – Psychodynamic Building a relationship with the client Psychoanalytical. Frued’s blank slate. There are attachment issues in the past, and the therapist will have a good  rapport and can fix the issues from the past. He focused a lot on interpersonal relationships, conflicts Focused on his problems, difficulties More open ended Donald Meichenbaum – Cognitive behavioral Focusing on his behaviors and thoughts Focused on his strengths Approached contradictions by playing dumb Aaron Beck – cognitive therapy Looking for thought patterns and how to change them Focuses on his thoughts more than the relationships Cognitive therapy
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Unformatted text preview: • Correct the clients misconceptions in his/her thinking • Distorted thoughts will lead them to interpret experiences in more positive ways. ← ← Cognitive behavior modification therapy • Problem solving, coping skills, • Focuses on relationships while cognitive doesn’t as much Object relations (psychodynamic) • Really focuses on the relationships • Corrective emotional experience: gone past that step so that he can relate to people in a more effect way. Right now he has maladaptive ways of relating to people (women) • Asked about his childhood • Focused on the negatives pertaining to his relationships 12/02/2007 20:03:00 ←...
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6 - Videos - • Correct the clients misconceptions in...

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