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1 Lecture Outline: Reciprocation 1. Reciprocation 2. Repayment 3. Concessions 4. Door in the face technique 5. That’s not all technique 6 Principles of Social Influence 1. Reciprocation 2. Commitment and Consistency 3. Social Proof 4. Liking 5. Scarcity 6. Authority Reciprocation 1) Repayment Giving to those who have given to you Two forms of Reciprocation Christmas Card Study Phil Kunz, a psychologist at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah sent 578 Christmas cards (signed “Joyce and Phil”) to strangers living in Chicago, Illinois. 117 (over 20%) sent a card in return A significant number of return cards had notes or letters enclosed Only 6 of the 117 people who returned a card said they could not remember them cp
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2 Repayment Donations with gift Donations without gift 18% 35% Repayment Obligation Guilt Evolutionarily adaptive Reciprocation 2) Concessions Make concession in return for concession made by another Two forms of Reciprocation Reciprocation Works because: – 1st request makes 2nd request seem
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02reciprocationstudent4 - Lecture Outline: Reciprocation 1....

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