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1 1 Conflict & Peacemaking Psychology 280 April 2nd, 2007 2 “The intentions of our country are entirely peaceful. Yet, we are also aware that other nations, with their new weapons, threaten us. Thus we must defend ourselves against attack. By so doing, we shall protect our way of life and preserve peace.” Richardson, 1960 3 Statistics z 110 million war-related deaths in the 20 th century z Nuclear weapons stockpile equal to 700 times the explosive power used in WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars combined z $1.4 million spent per minute on arms and armies Sivard, 1996 4 Overview z Conflict: What is it and why does it happen? z z Strategies for reducing conflict and increasing peacemaking 5 Conflict z Perception that one’s actions or goals are incompatible with the actions and goals of others z Interpersonal z Intergroup z International 6 Prisoner’s Dilemma z 2 suspects separately questioned z DA has limited evidence z DA gives incentive for prisoner’s to confess
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AshleyConflictPeacemakingApril2007 - Conflict & Peacemaking...

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