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3.12 - 3.12 3.12(See Fluids in the News article titled...

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Unformatted text preview: 3.12 3.12 (See Fluids in the News article titled “Bugged and plugged Pitot tubes,” Section 3.5.) A airplane’s Pitot tube (see Video V3.4) used to indicated airspeed is panially plugged by an insect nest so that it measures 60% of the stagnation pressure rather than the actual stagnation pressure. If the airspeed indicator indi— cates that the plane is flying 150 mph, what is the actual airspeed? v When mph/7760’ H72 air $fl€6d lit/miter way/d raga/cm a pram/m I'fference of A70 '~' f6) (Mam/5f: awfz’p V”? or V: He‘mg/z 3’10 ...
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