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~ ..;".21 5.21 (~ Auids in dIe News a11icle titled "Wb~ Ute plume 1-:' Section 5.2.2.) Air flows into dIe jet engine shown in Fig. P5.21 at a rate of 9 slugs/s and a speed of 300 ft/s. Upon landing, the engine exhaust exits through tOO reverse thrust mechanism with a speed of 900 ft/s in the direction indicated. Detennine the reverse thrust applied by the engine to the airpl~. Asswne 100 in- let and exit pressures are atmospheric and that the mass fIowrate of fool is negligible compared to 100 air fIowmte through the engine. ~ 3I~ VI The mol11cl/f{)O/ erv(1-/iIJn
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Unformatted text preview: (x-C.OI11.p°l)eJliJj Eq.S./~ & upAv- £upAV= & ~,fol' jllo cgllll'1l V,I()11J8 C/V, I fI .showf/ c4n he wr,Hel1 4.$ t::; YLx--{I) 3o'y ~ P,~I'.2. ::fa::O ~ ~ ~p(-~)A, +(-~GD.t300)p~A2. +(-~£;os3°.)p~AJ :: -F; (I) or ~ :::(f\liA,)~ t(FV2.I1~) ~ cq6"30. f(eV;I1.3) ~c#s31# BtIf fro/JI cpnse"v"l,on of 1h4s.r .. f~A, ::eVsIlL feV;A.J ,.: ,,; :: 9s/vrs/.s IIlso ~ ::~ S() fhdf £0. {J) hecOJ'lJ8s .I J I F; ::: m ( ~ 4 ~clS30.) ::.q ~(3ool} .,. 900GQ.r.3Q.1j) ;; 97/0 !..'!!.s .ff =' q1io Ih .S'z. I{' lo 10 ~f: ~)( on (}fJqlne , S-~1f...
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