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Chapter 2 notes - Chapter 2 Data Collection Section 2.1...

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Chapter 2 – Data Collection Section 2.1 – General Principles in the Collection of Engineering Data The performance of measuring equipment must be known to be adequate. Equipment should be recalibrated and the precision of measurement devices should be monitored. The monitoring of this precision is sometimes called a gauge R and R study: o R’s stand for Repeatability (variation observed when a single operator uses the gauge to measure and re-measure one item) and Reproducibility (variation is measurement attributable to differences among operators) Sampling and recording: How much data? o The question of how much data is needed typically depends on the situation. The more variation in responses that we expect, the more data we need. Who should collect the data? o Those collecting data should be well trained and feel that the data they collect will be used in a way that is in their best interests. If those collecting or releasing data believe it will be used against them, it is unrealistic to expect them to produce useful data. o Personal biases must not be allowed to enter into the data collection process. Sometimes hoped-for conditions are given preference over others. A solution is to make measurements blind (without personnel knowing what set of conditions led to an item being measured.) In recording data it is important to carry enough documentation so that the important circumstances surrounding the study could be reconstructed. One should not only keep track of the experimental variables but of others that may
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Chapter 2 notes - Chapter 2 Data Collection Section 2.1...

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