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STAAD Tutorial CE332 Fall 2006 1 STAAD Pro. Tutorial Disclaimer: Portions of this tutorial were directly quoted from the STAAD tutorial. This tutorial is intended to be used only for instructional purposes for CE332 class. What is STAAD.Pro STAAD.Pro is a comprehensive structural engineering software that addresses many aspects of structural engineering. It features a user interface, visualization tools, analysis and design engines with finite element and dynamic analysis capabilities. The basic three activities - a) model generation b) the calculations to obtain the analytical results c) result verification - are all facilitated by tools contained in the program's graphical environment. Following paragraphs provides step-by-step procedures: Overall steps: 1. On a piece of paper, draw a structure to be analyzed with all the information on it. 2. Create Nodes/Members 3. Define/assign material properties and constant to each member 4. Define/assign supports 5. Apply loads 6. Set Analysis/Print Commands 7. View Results For this tutorial, let’s assume that the structure to be analyzed is as follows: Figure 1 10 kips Node numbers Beam numbers • Supports: Simply Supported • Total Length = 10 ft (Beams 1+2+3) Beam 1 = 5 ft Beam 2 = 2 ft Beam 3 = 3 ft • All Members: Standard Steel W6x15 Support (Pinned) Beam number Support (Pinned)
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STAAD Tutorial CE332 Fall 2006 2 Starting STAAD Go to the computer lab in Town Engineering building. Log onto the computers by pushing ‘control-alt-delete’. When asked to log in, you can simply push "Enter" if you don’t have an account. Go down to the lower left corner of the screen and click on the "Start" Move the mouse up to "Programs" and then to the right and up to "Structures." Now move the mouse to the right again and click on "STAAD-Pro" as shown in Fig. 2. Next, click on the ‘New Structure’ icon located on the top right of the tool bar and the ‘New’ dialog box shown in Fig. 3 will appear. Figure 2 Figure 3 Creating a structure The structure type is to be defined by choosing from among Space , Plane , Floor and Truss . A Space type is one where the structure, the loading or both, cause the structure to deform in all 3 global axes (X, Y and Z). In a Plane type, the geometry, loading and deformation are restricted to the global X-Y plane only. A Floor type is a structure whose geometry is confined to the X-Z plane. A Truss type of structure carries loading by pure axial action. Truss members are deemed incapable of carrying shear, bending and torsion. For our model, let us choose Plane . (Optional: we can provide a name in the File Name edit box. This is the name under which the structure data will be saved on the computer hard disk. The name “Structure?” (? will be a number) is recommended by the program by default, but we can change it to any name we want. Let us use the default name
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STAAD software tutorial - STAAD Tutorial CE332 Fall 2006 1...

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