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Makeup Quiz 5 -- Solution - diameter d 2 = 1.75 in. and...

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Texas A&M University Makeup Quiz # 5 CVEN 305, Section 503 Thursday, April 27, 2006 Your Name ____________________________________ Problem Statement A stepped shaft ABC consisting of two solid circular segments is subjected to torques T 1 and T 2 acting in opposite directions, as shown in the figure. The larger segment of the shaft has diameter d 1 = 2.25 in. and length L 1 = 30 in.; the smaller segment has
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Unformatted text preview: diameter d 2 = 1.75 in. and length L 2 = 20 in. The material is steel with shear modulus G = 11 X 10 6 psi, and the torques are T 1 =20,000 lb-in. and T 2 = 8,000 lb-in. Calculate the following quantities: a. The maximum shear stress max in the shaft ( 5 Points ) b. The angle of twist C (in degrees) at end C ( 5 Points ) Solution Please use the back of the page for extra space...
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