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Quiz 2 -- Solution

Quiz 2 -- Solution - P carried by the brace equals 8.0 k...

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Texas A&M University Quiz # 2 CVEN 305, Section 503 Thursday, January 26, 2006 Your Name ____________________________________ Problem Statement A bolted connection between a vertical column and a diagonal brace is shown in the figure. The connection consists of three 5/8-in. bolts that join two 1/4-in. end plates welded to the brace and a 5/8-in gusset place welded to the column. The compressive load
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Unformatted text preview: P carried by the brace equals 8.0 k. Determine the following quantities: 1. The average shear stress τ avg in the bolds ( 5 Points ) 2. The average bearing stress σ b between the gusset plate and the bolts ( 5 Points ) (Disregard friction between the plates.) Solution Please use the back of the page for extra space...
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