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Quiz 3 -- Solution

Quiz 3 -- Solution - 2 and 3,900 mm 2 respectively a...

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Texas A&M University Quiz # 3 CVEN 305, Section 503 Thursday, February 2, 2006 Your Name ____________________________________ Problem Statement A two-story building has steel columns AB in the first floor and BC in the second floor, as shown in the figure. The roof load P 1 equals 400 kN and the second-floor load P 2 equals 720 kN. Each column has length L = 3.75 m. The cross-sectional areas of the first- and second-floor columns are 11,000 mm
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Unformatted text preview: 2 and 3,900 mm 2 , respectively. a. Assuming that E = 206 GPa, determine the total shortening δ AC of the two columns due to the combined action of the loads P 1 and P 2 ( 5 Points ) b. How much additional load P can be place at the top of the column (Point C ) if the total shortening AC is not to exceed 4.0 mm? ( 5 Points ) Solution Please use the back of the page for extra space...
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