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Quiz 4 -- Solution - V , the slabs displace vertically...

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Texas A&M University Quiz # 4 CVEN 305, Section 503 Tuesday, February 9, 2006 Your Name ____________________________________ Problem Statement A joint between two concrete slabs A and B is filled with a flexible epoxy that bonds securely to the concrete (see figure). The height of the joint is 4.0 h = in., its length is in., and its thickness is 40 L = 0.5 t = in. Under the action of a shear forces
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Unformatted text preview: V , the slabs displace vertically through the distance 0.002 d = in. relative to each other. a. What is the average shear strain in the epoxy? ( 5 Points ) avg b. What is the magnitude of the forces V if the shear modulus of elasticity G for the epoxy is 140 ksi? ( 5 Points ) Solution Please use the back of the page for extra space...
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